Side By Side Adventure
  • Side By Side Adventure


    • Ride side-by-side with a friend or by yourself (single rider additional fee of $44.00 will apply) on a buggy through the Punta Cana wilderness
    • Explore the rugged terrain and nature-filled jungle of Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve
    • Go for a heavenly dip in the cool, emerald green waters of Ojos Indigenas Lagoon
    • Refresh yourself in Playa Blanca beach for a more exclusive swim in the Caribbean Sea
    • Activity duration: 3 hours (not including transportation time to and from activity)



    • Tour language: English with ASL Interpreters
    • Good physical condition required: Yes
    • Minimum age requirement: 6 years old
    • Suitable for the elderly: No
    • Pregnant women allowed: No



    Take over the driver seat and set off on a rugged journey through the jungle paths of Punta Cana with the Side by Side adventure, a staple of any Dominican vacation. Strap yourself into a modern Club Car XRT 950 buggy and explore the awesomeness of Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, one of the most incredible displays of nature on the island. Have fun driving across the hidden country roads that will lead you to the delightful fresh waters of Ojos Indigenas Lagoon. Later, head to the white sands of Playa Blanca to relax at one of the more pristine beaches on the eastern coast. An exhilarating immersion into nature awaits!


    Prepare for Punta Cana’s legendary Side by Side buggy adventure
    The journey is definitely going to get a bumpy during your Punta Cana buggy getaway once you’re in the jungle, but first you’re going to begin your day smoothly with a bus pick-up from your resort. Enjoy the view during the ride to a private ranch that opens up to the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve near the ritzy Cap Cana area. At the ranch, you’ll meet your amazing bilingual guides, whose knowledge will be key in making sure you’re completely prepared for a thrilling and refreshing adventure ahead.

    Your friendly guides will be on hand to help you during your jaunt, starting by giving you a briefing on what to expect on your journey and how to be safe throughout. You’ll also get all the details you need on how to drive your very own Club Car XRT 950 buggy. You can select either a single-seater vehicle, or share the fun with a passenger on a double. Gear up with your helmet and make sure you’ve had all your questions answered, because soon enough you’ll be hitting the gas pedal as you head off into the backroads of the Punta Cana wilderness.

    Set out on an exciting journey through the Punta Cana jungle
    Feel the rush from the moment you start your buggy’s engine, but fill your veins with even more exhilaration when you take full control of the steering wheel, setting off from the private ranch into the country roads that lead to the expansive jungle. The Side by Side adventure gives you a totally different way of seeing Punta Cana, as you’ll be exploring a hidden landscape and passing through a wilderness that few visitors get to see. This area is called Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve, and the surrounding scenery will fill your eyes with spectacular views at every turn.

    Your trek will definitely be a fun one if you’re driving solo, but you should think about taking your adventurous streak to the next level by adding a friend or family member as the passenger who shares the ride with you. This is a side by side adventure, after all, because the excitement is too much fun for a single person. But whether you go at it solo or with a companion, you’ll surely be amazed by the abundance of flora that adorn this verdant jungle, which is the perfect habitat for hundreds of bird species as well as the friendly iguanas who guard this sacred land.


    Relax in the crystalline waters of Ojos Indigenas Lagoon
    Although the exciting journey takes you through many tree-filled paths that provide plenty of shade, you’re still in the jungle, and even the most experienced drivers do need a refreshing break. Luckily, your Punta Cana buggy expedition will take you to the heart of this ecological reserve — the freshwater wonder that is Ojos Indigenas Lagoon. This is the perfect place to swim and cool off in gorgeous emerald green waters, giving you time to relax and let all your worries float away.

    You can descend gently through a series of steps from a wooden deck, or take a more exciting dive from a platform to really make a splash and immerse yourself into the lagoon’s crystalline waters. Of course, if you prefer to take it easy, simply sit back on the deck and contemplate all the greenery around you, letting the quiet sounds of nature give you inner peace. Your time at this place will definitely show you why Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park and Reserve is a true jewel not just for Punta Cana, but for the entire Caribbean island region.


    Swim and unwind at the white sands of Playa Blanca beach
    Once you’ve refreshed your soul in the magnificent Ojos Indigenas Lagoon, return to your Club Car XRT 950 buggy and set off on another awesome drive along the jungle paths of this natural reserve. Become amazed by the flora one more time until you make your way back to the private ranch, where you’ll return your buggy and all the safety gear. Then board your bus on the way back to your Punta Cana resort, but not without making a stop at the beautiful Playa Blanca beach. This slice of paradise is very exclusive, so you won’t have to share the beach with many visitors.

    Go toward the turquoise waters and get right in for an invigorating dip in the wonderful Caribbean Sea. You can also sit back and simply unwind on the soft, white sands, feeling the ocean breeze relax you while the sun tingles your skin. When your time at Playa Blanca comes to an end, get back on the bus, say goodbye to this part of Punta Cana and complete the transfer to your resort after a truly exciting day you’ll remember for many years to come.