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Marinarium - Snorkeling with Sharks and Rays (Click for Details)
  • Marinarium - Snorkeling with Sharks and Rays (Click for Details)


    • Travel to Marinarium Marine Park via glass-bottom boat
    • Snorkel with sharks and stingrays in a safe environment
    • Enjoy a refreshing cocktail at a natural swimming pool
    • Activity duration: 3.5 hours (not including transportation time to and from activity)



    • Tour language: English with ASL Interpreters
    • Good physical condition required: No
    • Minimum age requirement: Suitable for all ages
    • Suitable for children: Yes
    • Suitable for the elderly: Yes
    • Pregnant women allowed: Yes



    Live the most famous sea adventure in Punta Cana with the Marinarium tour, a complete excursion that inspires visitors with a sail on a catamaran to an open-water aquarium for snorkeling, swimming and partying it up. Admire the view of an underwater universe from the boat’s glass bottom, then experience swimming and snorkeling with nurse sharks, stingrays and colorful fish in the azure waters of the Caribbean Sea. Refresh with a cool cocktail in waist-deep natural pools as you move your body to good tunes under the delightful sunshine. With so much nature, relaxation and excitement, there’s plenty to keep you entertained on this essential Dominican excursion!


    Sail from Punta Cana for the Marinarium tour
    Start out your Marinarium adventure with a round-trip pick-up from the resort. You’ll be headed toward the easternmost part of the island at the Bavaro hotel zone, specifically the Cabeza de Toro beach area, where you’ll be surrounded by more natural views and fewer man-made structures.

    When you arrive to the dock on the inspiringly beautiful shores of Bavaro, you’ll meet the English-speaking guides who will take care of you from the moment you board your vessel — a double-decker catamaran with capacity of up to 110 people. The boat is fully equipped with restrooms, and you’ll have plenty of space on both decks so you can experience the luxury of a memorable ocean cruise.

    View inspiring Caribbean sights from a glass-bottom catamaran
    When your boat sails off, you’ll be able to admire the beauty of the eastern Dominican coast as you head toward your Marinarium snorkeling adventure. Feel the ocean breeze and the Caribbean sunlight on your face, and relax with a nice drink during your cruise. One of the most outstanding features on the catamaran is its glass bottom, giving you insight into a world of underwater wonders.

    Just look down below from the lower deck and let the glass bottom give you a fantastic view of the lively fish and other colorful sea life that adds a unique vibrance to the crystal-clear waters of the Dominican Caribbean. Soon enough, you’ll get your chance to not only look at sea life from afar, but to actually dive right in and swim with the majestic Punta Cana sea life.


    Snorkel with sharks, stingrays and more Punta Cana sea life
    When you finally arrive at the Marinarium Marine Park and Aquarium, your catamaran will stop so you can gear up with snorkel equipment. Once you’re ready to go, jump into the crystalline waters and encounter two of the ocean’s most impressive creatures — sharks and stingrays! This sea life encounter is completely safe, as the stingrays don’t have barbs, and the sharks are actually nurse sharks, which are some of the most harmless and docile creatures that enjoy gentle human interaction.

    The catamaran will also take you to an open sea area, where you’ll come face to face with the colors and liveliness of Punta Cana’s largest coral reef. There, you can continue your amazing snorkeling adventure and be surrounded by a plethora of colorful sea life. You can possibly spot butterflyfish, Caribbean sharpnose, yellow goatfish and many more marine species as you swim away through the coral reef.

    Refresh with open bar drinks and snacks
    Once you’ve snorkeled to your heart’s content, return to the glass-bottom catamaran to rest and rehydrate a bit. Reenergize with some light snacks such as potato chips, and recover with a variety of drink choices from the catamaran’s open bar. Knock back an ice-cold beer, or take it up a notch with a sweet rum cocktail such as the famous Cuba Libre — the Latinized name for Rum and Coke. You can also take it easy with soft drinks such as sodas, juice or pure water.

    But no drink says ‘Dominican Republic’ quite like the Coco Loco, a refreshing drink with coconut, rum and sugar whose sweet and pleasant flavor has become popular with locals and tourists alike. When the Marinarium crew starts preparing this delectable drink, they’ll put on bit of a show by taking out a table and a mixer, adding the ingredients together with a bit of flair, entertaining you before delighting your taste buds with refreshment.


    Party in a natural pool and dance to the music
    Once the crowd has gone ‘loco’ over preparation of the Coco Loco, everyone will get a chance to say ‘salud’ and make a toast at a waist-deep natural swimming pool. Get in these warm, peaceful waters as you unwind and enjoy your beverage, then rock your body and move around as the crew cranks up the music that will get you swaying to the beat. This is without a doubt one of the more unique party atmospheres in the Dominican Republic.

    If dancing is not your thing, don’t worry. You can simply bask in the tropical sunshine as you get the perfect tan on the catamaran. Or feel free to relax one more time and splash around in the peaceful waters of the natural pool at your own pace. When your time at the pool ends, return to the catamaran and keep the party going until returning to the pier at Bavaro beach to conclude your unforgettable Marinarium tour. This is the perfect mix between relaxation and exploration that travelers have come to expect from their Dominican Republic vacation.

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