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Day 4 Icy Straight Point - In Alaska's Wildest Kitchen

Day 4 Icy Straight Point - In Alaska's Wildest Kitchen

Duration: 1hr 30 min

Available on: Day 4 at 8:30 am
Activity Level: Mild - Full participation may require leisurely walking over primarily even surfaces. There may be a limited number of steps, a minimal amount of cobblestones or uneven surfaces, and some standing for extended periods of time.


Capture the essence of real Alaskan flavor by experiencing a fresh seafood meal the local way. Participate in a festive tasting session in a rustic setting, hosted by an engaging, experienced Alaskan fisherwoman and wilderness chef. Discover what sets the region’s seafood apart, including local fishing, preserving and cooking techniques; watch an expert filleting demonstration, and grill your own catch-of-the-day sample over a custom-made wood grill.


  • Real Alaskan Flavor: Learn techniques, tips and tricks from an experienced local fisherwoman and wilderness chef.
  • Tasting Menu: Savor indigenous delicacies, such as fresh salmon dishes, grilled halibut and seasonal herbs and vegetables.
  • Hands-On Participation: Cook a piece of fresh seafood over a custom-made wood grill.

Important details and advisements

  • One alcoholic beverage and printed recipe cards are included. Please drink responsibly.
  • Wine and Alaskan Brewing Company beer are available for purchase.
  • Minimum age to drink alcohol is 21 years. Please drink responsibly.
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