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Dolphin Swim
  • Dolphin Swim


    Now during your stay in Dominican Republic, you can enjoy a great swim with dolphins at Punta Cana. You’ve seen the photos and videos; perhaps you’ve even seen dolphins in aquariums or happily swimming on the water surface. What the Dolphin Swim Adventure invites you to do as you immerse yourself underwater is to take a closer look at the marine animals.


    You can enjoy swimming with dolphins and interact with them as they kiss you, snuggle with you, do aerial acrobatics for you, and finish off with an exhilarating Boogie Push, where the dolphin will push you across the water surface while you ride a boogie board. Awesome! In addition, the Swim Adventure program includes the Belly Ride, where you will hold on to the dolphin’s fins as he rides backwards across the water. Watch all their neat tricks and games sharing their love and charisma with you. Our especialists also tell you all the information you need to know about these incredible marine mammals.


    Encounter Includes:

    • 10 minutes of briefing.
    • 50 minutes with the dolphins.
    • Dolphin Encounter activities.
      • Belly Ride

      • Boogie push

      • Hug

      • Hand target

      • Kiss

      • Handshake


    What else is included?

    • Lockers.
    • Access to Isla del Pirata.
    • Use of the children's and adult's pool.
    • Use of the jacuzzi.
    • Other Amenities: lounge chairs, showers, bathrooms, dressing rooms.
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