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Day 6 - Titanic - The Halifax Connection

Day 6 - Titanic - The Halifax Connection

Duration: 3hr

Available: Day 6 10:00 am

Activity Level: Mild: - Full participation may require leisurely walking over primarily even surfaces. There may be a limited number of steps, a minimal amount of cobblestones or uneven surfaces, and some standing for extended periods of time.



Learn how Halifax became inseparably connected to the sinking of the Titanic. Your three-hour guided tour visits Fairview Lawn Cemetery, the burial site for 121 of the ship’s victims. It passes the morgue that accepted John Jacob Astor’s body, the church that buried an unknown child, and the pier from which “the death ship” MacKay-Bennett sailed to Titanic’s sinking site. You’ll visit Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, the world’s largest collection of wooden Titanic artifacts.



  • Fairview Lawn Cemetery: Visit the gravestones of 121 Titanic victims.
  • Titanic Aftermath: A kilted guide points out sites fatefully connected to the “unsinkable” ship.
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic: See the largest collection of wooden Titanic artifacts in the world.


Important details and advisements

  • Venues are wheelchair accessible; however, Fairview Lawn Cemetery may require assistance with slight inclines on beaten pathways.
  • Consider physical fitness and medical history when selecting tour.
  • This tour takes place in a foreign country where laws, regulations and business practices may vary from your home country. This could include significant differences in transportation mode and quality, infrastructure, regulations, and driving practices. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the associated risks and travel warning at,, or your country equivalent travel advisory system, and consider when selecting or participating in any tour.
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