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Day 5 - Haunted Sydney Historical Walking Tour

Day 5 - Haunted Sydney Historical Walking Tour

Duration: 1hr 30 min

Available: Day 5 1:45 pm

Activity Level: Moderate - Full participation may require extended periods of walking over even and uneven surfaces, steep terrain and/or water activity in a slight current. There may be steps, inclines, cobblestone surfaces, and extended periods of standing. Participants with physical limitations should take this into account.



Spectral visions, skeletons in the cellar, bodies under the floorboards – all of these spooky tales and more await you on a spine-chilling ghost tour through the haunted streets of Sydney’s historic North End.



  • Meet with your fully costumed guide and begin your stroll along Sydney’s historic streets, as you listen to enthralling stories about the ghostly residents of the city. One such story resides among the pews of St. Patrick’s Church Museum, a Roman Catholic Church built in 1828, where legend says if you ring its red market bell three times, an upstairs door to the belfry automatically opens.
  • After, make your way through ancient graveyards, where centuries of history lay buried restfully (or perhaps not so restfully) beneath your feet, before passing by a couple of heritage homes, including the Cossit House Museum, a 19th-century building whose basement once served as a jail for murderous inmates and now supposedly houses their troubled spirits.
  • Feel the goosebumps spread, as you listen to the unsettling first-hand accounts of these ghostly apparitions, before walking - or running - back to your awaiting ship.


Important details and advisements

  • Tour not recommended for guests in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.
  • Tour involves a moderate amount of walking over uneven surfaces and inclines
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