Blue Lagoon - Stingray Encounter and Snorkel
  • Blue Lagoon - Stingray Encounter and Snorkel

    Rays the roof with a new animal experience at Blue Lagoon Island, home of Dolphin Encounters in the Bahamas! Our certified animal trainers will first teach you about the natural history of the gentle South-ern stingray in a fun, dockside briefing.


    During your program, you will be able to safely interact with our Stingrays on a shallow platform. Feel their silky smooth fins as they glide under your fingertips, even getting a chance to feed one, if you are daring.


    These graceful animals are fascinating to watch from above the water but even more exciting to see while snorkeling with them! You are certain to soak up this experience with stingrays and "rays your awareness" for the protection of these beautiful creatures of the sea.


    A photographer will be present to capture photos of your experience which can be purchased at our professional photo lab on Blue Lagoon Island after your program.


    Stay after your program and enjoy beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach one of the most well-known, of Nassau's natural attractions. At your leisure, we have Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Ping Pong Tables, Board Games, and the most beautiful lagoon you have ever seen! In addition,