Blue Lagoon - Dolphin Encounter
  • Blue Lagoon - Dolphin Encounter

    The Dolphin Encounter Program offers each guest a unique interaction-filled experience that brings you closer to an Atlantic Bottlenose dolphin than you ever dreamed possible! Not only will you see the bottlenose dolphin habitat, but you will learn important information about dolphins and the ocean too.


    1. Your Dolphin Encounter Program begins with a fun orientation - briefly covering the natural history of dolphins, animal training techniques, ocean conservation and watching wildlife guidelines.
    2. On the Dolphin Encounter float, you will stand on a waist-deep sub-merged platform and experience
    • a heart-warming kiss
    • a hug,
    • a dance
    • and opportunities to rub down the dolphin.


    Your dolphin trainer will combine elements of hands-on contact, education, fun, laughter, and adventure to make this an unforgettable experience.


    While you enjoy your Dolphin Encounter and learn about the dolphin habitat, you will al-so be in the midst of one of the finest natural attractions in the Bahamas.


    Our professional photo & video staff will be on hand to capture your encounter with the dolphins, and ensure that you will have a chance to take home incredible souvenirs of your unforgettable experience.


    After your program enjoy beautiful Blue Lagoon Beach, one of the most well-known, of Nassau's natural attractions. At your leisure, we have Volleyball, Beach Soccer, Ping Pong Tables, Board Games, and the most beautiful lagoon you have ever seen!