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River Boat Cruise with Pre Cruise Land Tour 
Prague August 2, 2019 - Optional Tours

1. Half Day Trip to the Terezin Memorial (Theresienstadt) (World War II Concentration camp and Jewish ghetto) Tour

  • This excursion is part by air-conditioned coach, part on foot.

  • After picking you up from your Prague hotel, we drive for around 40 minutes to reach the Terezin Memorial site.

  • A former garrison town, Terezin was built at the end of the 18th century by Emperor Joseph II as an ingenious system of military fortresses. However, when the Nazis invaded the Czech Republic in World War II, this huge area was converted into a concentration camp and Jewish ghetto.

  • We embark on an extensive tour of the important monuments at Terezin, which is divided into two parts:

  • The Small Fortress (also known as the Prague Gestapo Prison) was the concentration camp. It was used to house mostly political prisoners. Around 90,000 people passed through here.

  • The Big Fortress, comprising 80% of the Terezin Memorial, was the Jewish ghetto. Here we visit the Ghetto Museum (Terezin Museum), the Columbarium, the Prayer Room (Hidden Synagogue), the exhibition at Magdeburg Barracks, and the Jewish Cemetery Crematorium (please note that the cemetery is closed on Saturdays).

  • Many aspects of Terezin are eerily preserved in, or restored to, their 1940s state.

  • Displays include a prison dormitory and the belongings of some of the unfortunate people who resided here - their clothing, drawings, music, poetry and other precious artefacts. Through these we gain an understanding of what life was like for the inmates, and of their hopes and despair.

  • There are also audio visual displays and documentary films featuring archive material from the era. In all, around 32,000 prisoners passed through the Big Fortress.

  • This sorry episode in the history of Terezin, and of humanity in general, will no doubt leave unanswered questions in your mind, as to how or why such atrocities can occur.

  • As the tour is of a sensitive nature, we only run it in small groups. It is led by an expert guide in Jewish history, to ensure participants gain a proper understanding of the subject.

Morning Departure - $74.00 Per Person - SIGN UP BELOW










2. Kozel Velke Popovice Brewery Tour

An afternoon trip from Prague to tour the historic Velke Popovice Brewery, where Kozel beer is brewed. Includes a tasting of the premium beers produced here.

  • This excursion is part by air-conditioned coach, part on foot.

  • After picking you up from your Prague hotel, we drive for around 25 minutes to reach Velke Popovice. Beer has been brewed here since the 14th century, but the most significant date is 1874, when the Prague industrialist Baron Ringhoffer transformed the old buildings into a new state-of-the-art brewery to produce Kozel.

  • In 1842 Czech brewers had produced the world's first golden lager, achieved through a new fermentation technique, and by storing the beer in cold cellars cut into rock. It was this process that Baron Ringhoffer employed to create his Kozel.

  • Our tour of the Kozel brewery leads us through the history of brewing from those early years to the present day. We learn about the brewing techniques, the ingredients used, and visit the old lager cellars.

  • Forward to today, and we observe how science and technology has transformed the process. We tour the modern Kozel brewing plant, bottling and barrelling rooms, and learn about beer labelling, loading, shipping and exporting.

  • Today, Kozel produce a variety of light and dark beers. All are covered on the tour.

  • Naturally we finish with a good beer tasting, of freshly brewed, unpasteurised, unfiltered Kozel.

  • Before we leave, there is time to browse the onsite shop which stocks Kozel beer, as well as glasses, jugs, beer towels, T-shirts and more. Refreshments are also available in the shop.

Afternoon Departure - $44.00 Per Person - SIGN UP BELOW

Due to tour times overlapping, please select only ONE OPTIONAL TOUR on August 2, 2019.

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