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Fundraiser Item- PDT Rubber Wristband

Show your support and help us raise the money necessary to Sponsor Akeel! Buy this 8" Silicone wristband, and 100% of the proceeds goes to our goal.

  • Buy one for you, your spouse, your Kids (or Grandkids)!
  • Buy in BULK to Fundraise in your local area (church, club, organization, or get-togethers). Saves PDT on shipping costs, raising more money for Akeel.
  • Together we can make a difference!

$3.50 per wristband
(includes shipping to the US)

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The PDT Premium Club has decided to sponsor AKEEL WILLIAMS. Akeel is an only child, who when not at school, currently lives with his grandmother, who completely dotes on him. Akeel has a jovial and very friendly personality. Being around him will most likely guarantee a good laugh, as he is in his own way a comedian. You can always find Akeel playing with friends as this is one of his most favorite thing to do. He also loves to color. He is currently learning sign language and has not fully mastered the language.

The total needed to sponsor Akeel this year is $3072.00. Help us reach this goal! The Club is sending 10% of every membership fee, plus PDT will also match all additional donations made 100%, until we reach our goal.

As of March 8, 2015 we have raised $2574.60 in membership fee donations and individual donations with PDT matching funds.

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